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The global trends focusing on achieving sustainable development objectives have a profound impact on investments in seaports and its associated logistics affairs.  There has been an outmost inclining industrial pressures from several sources such as Mega Shipping Lines to accommodate the Ultra Large Vessels (U. L. V), hence need for hub ports to accommodate especially the vessels engaged in transshipment.  On the other hand, these vessels need larger yards, more modern yet sophisticated equipment and advanced mechanisms to deal with the quantity and volume of cargo transported by those vessels.

As a result of these developments, many countries with modest and weak economies may suffer from the inability to compete with the developed countries economically and technically, therefore there is a growing demand to reconsider the formulation of their stereotyped strategies and plans via innovative methodologies to adopt modern approaches that enable them to deal with these developments through realistic solutions.

The conference this year focuses on reviewing successful ideas, experiences, innovative and non-traditional solutions to finance capital-intensive investments in seaports, infrastructure & superstructure projects and Hinterland which support the logistics activities that contribute to the modernization and development of seaport activities in accordance with the sustainable development goals, which is consequently, will foster the competitiveness and development of its economies.

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