Theme 1: Sustainable Resilient Infrastructure Perspective in Ports and Logistics for Climate Adaptation

  • Shocks and Disruptions Impacting Ports.

  • Port Performance Indicators and Their Roles to Improve Ports Competitiveness.

  • Resilient Port Infrastructure Framework.

  • Sustainable Drainage Systems

  • Modern Coastal Protection Measures Systems

  • Water-sensitive Urban Design


Theme 2:Emerging Technologies and Strategies in Maritime industry – The Gateway to Optimization and Sustainability

  • Digitalization in Maritime Industry.

  • The role of artificial intelligence (AI), Cloud Computing and Big Data Analytics in Sustainable Logistics and Supply Chain Management

  • The Future of Autonomous Shipping

  • Internet of Things (IoT) Applications in Ports and Logistics

  • Geographic Information Systems (GIS) and Building Information Modeling (BIM)

  • Digital Twin Technology for Port Facilities and Equipment

  • Blockchain Technology Applications for Supply Chains and Port Services


Theme 3:Green blue Infrastructure and Energy Transition and its Impact on Port-City Performance

  • The Future of Sustainable Green Infrastructure

  • Renewable Energy Economic Impact on Ports.

  • Modern Technology of Pollutant and Emission Sensing Systems in Ports

  • Empowering Blue Economy towards Shaping the Future of Sustainable Infrastructure


Theme 4:Sustainable End to End Supply Chain – Infrastructure Aspect

  • Sustainable Logistics and Supply Chain Management: Challenges and Opportunities

  • Synchromodality and its Impact on Supply Chain Productivity

  • Maritime Motorways as a Cornerstone in Modern Global Supply Chain

Theme 5:Sustainable Maritime Law and Regulation

  • The Role of International Maritime Law in Promoting Sustainable Green Blue Infrastructure

  • Sustainable Shipping and Emissions Regulations

  • Proposed Integrated Solutions for Empowering the Implementation of Blue Economy Legalization


Theme 6:Human Resources Competitiveness in Maritime Industry

  • Capacity Building for Sustainable Maritime Industry

  • Innovative Training Methods to Cope with Global Trends

  • Investing in HR Infrastructure in the Light of Global Challenges


Theme 7:Working Towards a GREEN BLUE Investment Framework

  • Modern strategies for Green Blue Infrastructure Project management from an Investment Aspect

  • Smart Entrepreneurship of Green and Blue Infrastructure Projects

  • The Modern Perspectives for Sustainable Free Zones and economic Hubs

  • The Economic Impact of Blue Carbon Ecosystems

  • Blue Economy Investments in Living Shorelines


Theme 8:Ecosystem-Based Approaches for Sustainable Green Blue Maritime Infrastructure and Engineering

  • Green Infrastructure in Ports and Harbors.

  • Rehabilitation and Developing of Port Infrastructures.

  • Sustainable Ecosystems and Measures for Green Blue Infrastructure. 

  • Integrated Coastal Zone Management.

  • Coastal Wetlands Restoration.

  • Artificial Reefs and their Biological Impact.

  • Biodiversity Friendly and Ecological Engineering-based Designs


Theme 9:Smart, Green, Blue Infrastructure – Case Studies and Best Practices