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Welcome to MARLOG 13, the thirteenth annual conference on Sustainable Green Blue Infrastructure. This year's conference is focused on the theme of "Sustainable Resilient Infrastructure Perspective in Ports and Logistics."

The conference will bring together a diverse group of experts from the fields of ports, logistics, sustainability, and technology to discuss the latest trends and innovations in sustainable infrastructure. We will explore a variety of topics, including:

•       How to reduce emissions from port operations

•       How to improve energy efficiency in ports and logistics

•       How to develop green infrastructure in ports and logistics

•       How to create a more sustainable supply chain

We will also discuss the role of technology in sustainable ports and logistics, the importance of public-private partnerships in sustainability initiatives, the need for education and training in sustainability, and the importance of international cooperation on sustainability.

The conference will feature a variety of speakers, including academics, industry professionals, and government officials. The speakers will share their insights and experiences on the challenges and opportunities of sustainability in ports and logistics.




  • Sustainable Resilient Infrastructure Perspective in Ports and Logistics for Climate Adaptation

  • Emerging Technologies and Strategies in Maritime industry – The Gateway to Optimization and Sustainability

  • Green blue Infrastructure and Energy Transition and its Impact on Port-City Performance


  • Sustainable End to End Supply Chain – Infrastructure Aspect

  • Sustainable Maritime Law and Regulation

  • Human Resources Competitiveness in Maritime Industry

  • Working Towards a GREEN BLUE Investment Framework

  • Ecosystem-Based Approaches for Sustainable Green Blue Maritime Infrastructure and Engineering

  • Smart, Green, Blue Infrastructure – Case Studies and Best Practices