BIANC Conribution to Blue Economy
Mediterranean Ports Blue Economy
Sustainable Travel and Tourists Satisfaction The Case of Constanta Romania
Building a Sustainable Economy from a Ports' Perspective

Fostering Sustainable Blue Economy Through Regional Cooperation and Networking between Educational and Training Infrastructure Relevant to the Marine and Maritime Professions and Aligned with Business Needs
Smart Ship Controllers for Accessibility Optimization
Multicriteria Analysis of the Sustainability Performance of the Maritime Activity of Egypt and Romania
Hydrogen Economy — The Role of The Maritime Industry

Arab Region Ports: Transforming from Crisis Management to DRR and Resilience
Container Terminals Collaboration: The Case of National Container Terminals in Egypt
The Impact of Globalization on Mediterranean Container Terminals
Frieght Rates, Congested Ports, Container Shortage: The New Economic and Mritime Tornado in the Mediterranean and The New Challenges
Cybersecurity in Blue Economy, An Urgent Call to Action

Activities of PIANC Working Group 219 — Guidelines for Inland Waterways Infrastructure to Facilitate Tourism
Investigating Factors Influencing the Purchasing Decisions of Low Emission Cars
Insights into Logistics and Supply Chain Higher Education in The Middle East
Sea-Based Economy: Review of Research Agenda Within the Blue Economy Concept

Oil And Gas Exploration (Seismic Survey) Impact on Marine Environment and Maritime Activities: (A Brief Overview on the Red Sea in Egypt)
Using Novative UAVs to Support Maritime Emergency Operations
Circularity of Bulky Waste: A Case Study of Kr§ko in Slovenia
ABB Solutions for Onshore Power Supply
Investigating the Effect of Terminals' Service Attributes on Attracting Shipping Lines: A Stated Choice Approach

Cyber-Physical Security for Ports' Infrastructure
Port of Antwerp: A Pioneer Among Sustainable Ports
Investigating Maritime Accidents that Involve Dangerous Goods Using Hierarchical Clustering
The Role of Vessel Monitoring Systems (Vms) in Mitigating Illegal, Unreported and Unregulated (Iuu) Fishing

Low-Carbon Sustainable Development Path and Strategy for Shipping Industry in China
Decarbonising Short Sea Shipping Operations: Examining the Efforts and Outcomes of a Finnish Shipping Line's Relevant Initiatives
Hydrographic Surveys as an Art of Delineating the Impact of Climate Change on The Coastal Environment
Conceptual Framework for Integration on Renewable Energy Sources for Marine Port Electrification
Challenges and Opportunities Brought by Decarbonization to Shipping Companies

Towards A Sustainable Blue Economy: How to Make an Industrial Zone More Environmentally Friendly? The Case of Rotterdam Harbor.
Measurement Of Stress Among Marine Engineers: A Methodological Intervention
Environmental Sustainability of Coastal Areas and Building-With-Nature, 10 Years of Experience in a Dutch Nature Compensation Project
Companies affiliated with Suez Canal Authority: "A Breakthrough into the Future"
Practice of Promoting Green Waterborne Transport Development in China