Alexandria has Borg al Arab Airport , located about 25 km away from city Centre. For many years, Borg al Arab airport has been an important link between historic Alexandria and many countries throughout the Middle East and North Africa. Now, while Alexandria International Airport is undergoing extensive renovations through 2013, Borg al Arab Airport also proudly serves as the main international entry point for Alexandria and the Nile Delta Region. The airport has been expanded and upgraded in 2010, providing all the latest conveniences for tourists and business travelers. For more information about Borg al Arab airport, please visit this website


Alexandria has two train stations, Misr Station which is the main railway station and Sidi Gaber Station. For more information about Egyptian National Railway , please visit this website


The tram system in Alexandria began operating in 1860. It is the oldest system running in Africa and one of the oldest in the World. There are 2, the blue one passing by the main station of the city while the yellow one inside the city and toured old Alexandria. So, you can enjoy a Tram trip in Alexandria.


Alexandria most famous public taxi is the yellow black taxi which is a quick ride away taxi Moreover, there is the tourist taxi " Fast Call ", which is much more expensive.

Buses and Minibuses:

Busses and mini buses are also available in Alexandria. They are public transportation.

Rented Limousine:

To facilitate your travel to Alexandria you may use Uber or Careem Limousine services where are operating in Alexandria and most major cities in Egypt, also there are many other operated companies.