The increasing volume of trade flows between ports combined with all kind of transportations activities, call for applying the smart-port concept especially on operational and energy efficiency, competitiveness and environmental impact aspects.

Smart ports management is all about making the best use of limited resources, leading to optimum performance of all port’s activities, including handling processes of carriers on sea and land.

The existing and future infrastructure facilities must be viewed intelligently and efficiently, as space is limited and ports cannot grow forever.

Undoubtedly, the development of new port infrastructure in times of crisis certainly calls for a smart approach that would facilitate Managing information and saving environment in addition to sustainable development planning designs in other word, moving toward smart port technology to operate the port efficiently and make port operations more environmental friendly.

Our annual Conference, therefore, aims to find means and methods that would contribute to sustainable growth by establishing the appropriate conditions for the adoption of new technological management for information and energy models. Such models are based on low environmental impact, triggering evidently the innovation of new required processes. The strategic importance of the smart-port holistic concept (emphasizing particularly operational and energy efficiency, competitiveness and environmental impact aspects) within the Arab region is beyond doubt, but this challenge clearly requires coordinated efforts that would only be attained through transnational cooperation. Approaching the smart port concept is impossible without the full integration and full consideration of the different regional perspectives of the main Arab container ports.

At the Smart Port MARLOG 5, we are looking for innovative ideas that leverage technology, create synergies, share views, look at future developments and provide seamlessness and reliability in information flows and operational processes among the stakeholders. In this context, Arab’s position as a world-class international maritime center is maintained.

The conference themes cited in a variety of research papers would deal with new theories and applications in maritime industry and smart ports domains.

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