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The rapid changes in global economic activities force the main players to face some strategic changes in the global market, especially in shipping, ports and international trade. Seaport management has been suffering for decades to contain with the evolvement in shipping industry market power, towards fast, reliable, and secure transport.

Integration as a business management strategy, would assist in facing the market rapid changes, while creating benefits of lowering the cost and increasing economies of scale as well as reducing the duplication of resources within the integrated ports.

The competitive seaports activities position is determined by its competitive offering to host shippers and shipping lines for specific trade routes, beside maritime logistics providers in geographical region which different port terminals is connected, in addition to different several factors that include the port capacity, shipping alliance, trade direction, port dues and charges, hinterland, transportation connections and the role of logistics with its value trade activities and its facilities.

Challenges and future opportunities in ports industry need a successful and sustainable maritime transportation performance and skilled work force. MARLOG 6 will share & argue opportunities grasped by those whose competencies strengthen our competitiveness.

MARLOG 6 sheds lights on the application of global integration in ports instead of competitiveness, in order to benefit from each port facilities, within the context of the globalization challenges, global supply chains, competitive advantages, and agreements that will facilitate trade transport between countries. The conference also highlights on the investment opportunities available in ports within new integrated environment.

This conference aims to find means and methods for developing seaports and coastlines, modern systems in the marine navigation, human resources in ports, sustainable strategies for ports, legal developments in the maritime transport industry, the new trends in information technology in the development of handling systems in ports and many aspects related to the future of maritime transport and logistics industry.

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