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Logistics industry is one of the most important factors in economic development in the modern era. It is considered the strategic path for achieving comprehensive and continuous development. Logistics industry is also familiar with technological, organizational, human and financial facilities through which cargo handling will be achieved economically and as soon as possible. Moreover, cargo handling creates opportunities for value added industries by constructing logistic areas for storage, assembly and packaging. Also, some natural resources based industries could be established nearby.

The success of logistics industry requires integrated infrastructure, skilled human resources as well as legislative and investment environment that can pull in capitals. Similarly, the geographical location of logistic areas near International shipping lines and hub ports is the main success factor.

Some Arab countries distinctively positioned themselves on the international logistic map; however, other countries are still looking for their position on the map despite having the main components for this industry.

The conference sheds light on the logistics performance of Arab countries within the globalization challenges, international supply chains requirements, the role of logistic activities in container terminals, in addition to competitive advantages, trade agreements and transportation between Arab countries. It also aims at presenting investment opportunities available in logistic areas and under construction ports in Arab countries.

MARLOG 3 is organized by the Maritime Research and Consultation Centre and Port Training Institute in cooperation with the International Association of Ports and Harbors (IAPH), and the International Road Transport Union (IRU) Geneva, Switzerland. It is the culmination of the pivotal and strategic role of the Arab Academy for Science, Technology and Maritime Transport practiced by its institutions and scientific, research and training center.

The organizing committee invites all specialists in logistics industry to present research papers to contribute in promoting this industry and providing investment opportunities in Arab countries in the field of logistics and maritime transport.

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