On the Margin of the International Maritime and Logistics Conference "MarLog'2023", and on occasion of the International Women's Day'2023, realizing the Sustainable Development Goals SDGs in Women Empowerment, an interesting workshop is organized, entitled:

WIMLog Workshop on


"Challenges and Growing Opportunities"

Monday 13th March 2023

10:00 to 13:00

Download WIMLOG Program


Download WIMLOG Program

The workshop is organized in cooperation with the Arab Women in Maritime Association (AWIMA), IEEE Egypt Women-in-Engineering & Technology - Egypt Section and College of Engineering & Technology, Arab Academy for Science and Technology AASTMT, Alexandria.


The workshop is envisioned to discuss many issues related to how to support a barrier-free working environment for Women in Maritime. Ensure to create a work environment that is enabling, supportive and inclusive of diverse participation by all, without hindrance in the maritime community.  Discussing Challenges and Growing Opportunities. Shed light on successful Women Role models in maritime & logistics sector and success stories.


Panel Discussion will be conducted on many interesting topics including:

□ Challenges and Growing Opportunities for Women in Maritime Jobs and marine industry,

□ IMO Supports of gender equality and Women Empowerment. 

□ Raising the profile of women in maritime, IMO is strengthening its commitment to the fifth Sustainable Development Goal 5 (SDG5) of gender equality while addressing gender imbalances in maritime. 

□ How to promote the recruitment, retention and sustained employment of women in the maritime sector.

□ The impact of COVID-19 on Women in Maritime

□ Empowering women in marine communities to mitigate the impacts of climate change

□ How the advances in ICT technology can have positive impact on balancing workforce.


□ How the technology of blockchain can help boost women’s rights.

□ Addressing the issue of gender pay gap and ensuring equal pay for equal work in the maritime and logistics industry.

□ Highlighting the importance of mentorship and networking opportunities for women in the industry.

□ Exploring the role of education and training in preparing women for careers in maritime and logistics, and the need for accessible and inclusive training programs.

□ Examining the potential for innovation and entrepreneurship in the industry, and how women can be encouraged to take on leadership roles.

□ Sharing best practices and success stories of companies and organizations that have successfully implemented diversity and inclusion initiatives in the maritime and logistics sector.

□ Discussing the importance of work-life balance and flexible working arrangements to support women's participation in the industry.

□ Raising awareness about the potential environmental impact of maritime and logistics operations, and the role that women can play in promoting sustainability and reducing carbon emissions.


Distinguished SPEAKERs are invited in the WIMLog Workshop, in the present of:


  • H.E. Eng. Hessa Al Malek

Advisor to the Minister for Maritime Transport Affairs the UAE Ministry of Energy & Infrastructure. 


  • Prof. Sherin Youssef,

  The Head of the Egypt Section of IEEE Organization for Women in Engineering and Technology, Professor of computer engineering and artificial intelligence systems, Arab Academy for Science, Technology and Maritime Transport,

   "The Impact of Digital Transformation and Blickchain on Women Empowerment and Gender Disparity in Maritime Industry"

  • Prof. Sara Elzarka

Dean of the International Transport & Logistics Institute - AASTMT

 " Skills & Competencies for Women in Logistics"


  • Dr. Eman Gaballa General Manager of the Information and Decision Support center  Alexandria port,

"A New Era of Supply Chain and Logistics: Key Evolving Trends"


  • Mrs. Marwa Hafez, 

Member of the National Women Council _Alexandria Branch Head of NGO Ana_masrawia   


  • Mrs. Heba yehia hassan,

General manager for administration and regulations department