Port Training Institute PTI used to hold an annual international conference on Seaports and Maritime Transport for 26 consecutive years. Also, the Maritime Research and Consultation Center (MRCC) organized 11 bi-annual international Maritime Conferences (MARDCON) over the past 20 years.

In extension of these successful conferences, and in order to meet the challenges in developing the maritime and logistics industries, PTI and MRCC decided to co-operate and share their efforts to organize an International conference entitled "International Maritime Transport and Logistics Conference to be held every year.

Conference Serial Title Year
Marlog 1 The International Maritime Transport and Logistics Conference "A Vision For Future Integration" 2011
Marlog 2 The International Maritime Transport and Logistics Conference Sustainable Development of Suez Canal Region 2013
Marlog 3 The International Maritime Transport and Logistics Conference Logistics Industry in the Arab World; Threats and Opportunities 2014
Marlog 4 The International Maritime Transport and Logistics Conference A Sustainable Development Perspective for Mega Projets 2015


The Arab Republic of Egypt is currently undergoing a radical transformation aiming at recreating a modern Egyptian State. This phase is characterized by diversity of trends from the political, economic, legislative, and social and security perspectives, all of which aim at placing Egypt on a par with advanced countries. This transformation requires consideration of a number of mega national projects which trigger growth and development by utilizing the State’s potentialities and resources to the maximum extent possible. Within this context, Suez Canal acquires great international importance; it provides maritime commercial link between the East and the West, and the South and the North. About 20.000 ships transit the Suez Canal annually, which provides Egypt with annual revenue estimated at more than 5 milliard dollars. However, utilizing its strategic location is limited to the revenues collected, i.e., transit dues. To maximize the benefit from this vehicle of international linkage, we should provide logistical services to the ships transiting the Canal, and establish logistical centers where value added industries and storage areas could be provided, in addition to establishing various industrial zones.


In view of the foregoing account, the Egyptian Government embarked on preparing a strategic plan to change the Suez Canal area into an international logistical centre of excellence through developing three major development centers: East of Port Said area, Ismailia area and the North West area of the Gulf of Suez, which contributes to the development plan of Sinai.

Aims to:

The Conference aims at attracting investors, businessmen and international finance banks through familiarizing them with the development plans and the projects in the pipeline, in addition to the applicable investment regulations in this area. The proceedings of the Conference will comprise specialized lectures delivered by specialists, reviews of similar experiences at the level of the world and the recent developments in the International Transport and Logistics Industry through analyzing the results of the researches conducted by scientists, experts and specialists in this field.


• Port Authorities.
• Governmental Organizations.
• Maritime Research Centers.
• Maritime Consultancy Firms.
• Academic Institutions.
• Shipping Companies.
• Ship construction and repair Companies.
• Maritime Constructions Companies.
• Maritime Supply Companies.
• Port Equipments and Cranes Companies.
• Truck Companies and their Agencies.
• Terminal Operators.
• Seaports Companies.
• Port Services Providers.
• Logistics and Freight Forwarders.
• Professional Organizations involved in Port and Maritime Development.
• Stevedoring Companies
• Banks and Business Companies


• The International Association of Ports and Harbors - IAPH
• Institute of Shipping Economics and Logistics (ISL) – Bremen – Germany
• Port of Rotterdam
• Suez Canal Authority
• Antwerp / Flanders Port Training Center - APEC
• The Arab Federation of Shipping
• Arab Seaports Federation
• Lloyds Maritime Academy
• International Maritime Centre (IMC) – Greece
• International Road Transport Union (IRU) – Geneva – Switzerland

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