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Who should attend

Marlog aims at professionals who are involved with any aspect of developing, managing or monitoring environmental and sustainable aspects of maritime ports and terminals.

Attendees also include participants from:

  • Port Authorities and Terminal Operators.
  • Universities and Academic Institutions.
  • Maritime Research Centers.
  • Port planners and infrastructure specialists.
  • Coast Guard.
  • Governmental Officials.
  • Shipping Lines and Shipping Agencies.
  • Shipping Fright Brokers.
  • Stevedoring Companies.
  • Marine Suppliers Companies.
  • Cranes and Port Equipment's manufacturer and suppliers.
  • Truck Companies and Agencies.
  • IT Firms.
  • Banks, E-Payment and Financial Services Companies.
  • Maritime Constructions Companies.
  • Dredging Companies.
  • Maritime Insurance Companies.
  • Maritime Consultancy Law Firms.
  • Environmental contractors.