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  1. Stakeholders Perspective of Port City Sustainable Development.
    • Resilient infrastructure in ports.
    • Sustainable development indicators (SDIs(.
    • Port planning strategies for sustainable development.
    • 4IR applications and its impact on port performance.
    • Policies for curriculum and competencies in the 4IR in ports.
  2. 4IR Economic Impact on Port-City Integration.
    • Innovative investments in ports
    • Digital economy impact on port-city integration.
    • Challenges and opportunities for smart economy in emerging ports.
    • Risks of the 4IR applications on ports.
  3. Role of 4IR Smart Application in Port-City Integration.
    • The governance of port cyber security.
    • Smart ports and cyber security risks.
    • Logistics sector adaptation to the 4th industrial revolution
    • 4IR applications and its impact on supply chain management.
    • Modern environmental systems management.
  4. Smart Ports’ Applications and the Maritime Infrastructure.
    • 4IR applications and the future of green ports .
    • Artificial intelligence applications for port equipment.
    • 4IR technologies and its applications in ports.
    • Automation and robotics of 4IR in ports.
  5. Future Prospects for Port-Cities Related Professions
    • Manpower demands in ports according to the expected changes.
    • Preparing future port workers: modern port training strategies.
    • The 4IR and the corresponding human capital developments.
  6. Port-City Corporate Social Responsibility.
    • The dynamic evolution of port-city social synergies.
    • Role of modern technology in Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR).
  7. Impact pf Port-City Integration on Port Competitiveness (Case Studies - Success Stories)