Booth Fees

Booth Fees


Model Area EGP Price
US $ Price
A 6.00 m 2 10000 EGP 2000 US$
B 8.00 m2 13500 EGP 2500 US$
C 9.00 m2 15000 EGP 3000 US$
D 12.00 m2 20000 EGP 4000 US$
E 12.00 m2 22500 EGP 4250 US$
F 14.00 m2 25000 EGP 4500 US$
G 25.00 m2 40000 EGP 5000 US$

Booked Booth Company
A1 Integrated Solutions for Ports

International Transport and Logistics Institute, AASTMT.

B1 Port Said Container & Cargo Handling Co.
B2 Landmark Marine
B3 Red Sea Marine Services Co
C1  Integrated Simulators Complex, AASTMT
C4 Mediterranean for ship repair and maintenance
D1-D5 Suze Canal Authority
E1 Alexandria Container & Cargo Handling Co.
F1 MEDPorts Association
F2 The General Egyptian Warehouses Co.
G2 National Telecom Regulatory Authority – NTRA
G4 Chevron Company
G5 National Marine Dredging Company