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Organizing Committee:

Prof. Ismail Abd El-Ghafar Ismail Farag :Conference Chairman, AASTMT, President.
Prof. Ehab Mahmoud El Kassas :Vice Conference Chairman, Dean of Maritime Research and Consultation Center.
Prof. Akram Soliman Elselmy :Head of Organizing Committee, Dean of Port Training Institute.
Dr. Mohey Eldeen El-Sayeh :Dean, College of Maritime Transport, AASTMT.
Dr. Ahmed Al-kassar :Dean, Maritime Postgraduate Studies Institute, AASTMT.
Prof. Ahmed Hanafy :Vice Dean, Maritime Research and Consultation Center, AASTMT.
Dr. Alaa Mahmoud Morsy :Vice Dean, Port Training Institute, AASTMT.
Prof. Mohammed Fahmy :Director of International Research Projects Center, AASTMT.
Prof. Amr M. Elhelw :Director of International Agreements & Cooperation Unit, AASTMT
Capt. Mahmoud El-Bawab :Vice dean, Maritime Postgraduate Studies Institute, AASTMT.
Mr. Samer Saeed :Head, Financial Department, AASTMT.


Technical Committee:


  • Prof. Yousry El Gamal, Former Minister of Education, Former Head, board of Trustee, Egypt-Japan University, Egypt.
  • Prof. Carmine G. Biancardi, METTLE SARL Company, SIMBA CONSULTANTS Group, France.
  • Prof. Martin Renilson, President, Royal Institution of Naval Architects, Australian Division, Australia.
  • Mr. Son “Shan” Nguyen, Department of Maritime and Logistics Management Australian Maritime College, National Centre for Ports and Shipping, University of Tasmania, Australia.
  • Prof. Omar bin Yaakob, C. Eng., Marine Technology Centre, University of Technology, Malaysia.
  • Prof. Roberto Revetria, Head, Mechanical Engineering and Energy Department, University of Genova, Italy.
  • Mrs. Ana Rumbeu Daviu, Training Director, Valencia Port Foundation, Port Authority of Valencia, Spain
  • Prof. Saeed Abdel Aziz, Former Dean, Faculty of Commerce, Alexandria University.
  • Prof. Alaa A. Abdel Bary, Vice President for Graduate Studies & Scientific Research,AASTMT.
  • Dr. Gamal Ghalwash, Vice President for Training and Community Service, AASTMT.
  • Dr. Mohammed Dawood, Vice President for Maritime Affairs, AASTMT.
  • Dr. Elsenousy Balbaa, Vice President for African & Asian Affairs, AASTMT.
  • Prof. Islam El-Nakib, President Assistant for International Transport and Logistics Affairs, AASTMT.
  • Dr. Sara Elgazzar, Dean, College of International Transport & Logistics, AASTMT Alexandria.
  • Dr. Khaled Elsakty, Dean, College of International Transport & Logistics, AASTMT, Cairo.

All research papers submitted will be reviewed by the conference technical committee.

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