Conference Themes

  1. Smart Ports – Innovations, New Trends and Challenges.
    • Information technology for Cloud Port and Cloud Logistics
    • Digital Area for Strategies, Planning, Investment Analysis and Portfolio Management

  2. Smart Port Services and Operations
    • IT Solutions for the Integration of Ports with the Hinterland
    • Technologies for Sustainable Shipping
    • Modeling & Optimization of Port Operations

  3. Smart Systems/Technology and Logistics
    • Port Logistics and Supply Chain Integration as perceived through the Growth of the Internet
    • Electronic Port, Single Window
    • Eco Logistics Chain
    • Marine Logistics Industry and International Trade
    • Logistics and Supply Chain Management
    • Computational Logistics

  4. Smart Ports - Policy, Economic Development, Finance, Laws and Regulations.
    • Sustainable Development of Marine Economy
    • Port Resources and Port Economy Evaluation
    • Marine Political Strategy Issues in Harbor
    • Development of the Marine and Maritime Legislation
    • Finance, Liability and Insurance Mechanisms

  5. Smart Environmental Management.
    • Green Strategies for Sustainable Ports
    • Container Terminal Environmental Management System
    • Ship Waste Management at the Port
    • Safety Culture and Environmental Stewardship
    • Green logistics / Hinterland Connections
    • Energy Efficiency and Ship-port Interface
    • Renewable Energy Sources and Inter linking of Energy-Generating Plants
    • Clean Air in Ports

  6. Smart Education and Training - licensing, certification, simulation
    • licensing, certification, simulation
    • Expanding and Sustaining Maritime Education
    • The Human Element of the Sustainable Maritime Transportation System

  7. Smart Infrastructure
    • Ports Role in a Sustainable Maritime Transportation System
    • Land Restructuring
    • Expansion of the Transport Route Network and Modern Communication
    • Smart Port Maintenance
    • Port Road Management
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