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The scope of the Conference will successfully cover the following areas:

  1. Planning, Management and Logistic of Sustainable Mega Projects
    • The new logistic platform in MENA region
    • Mega projects role in trade facilitation globally, regionally and nationally
    • Developing, planning and appraising of mega projects infrastructure
    • Mass mobilization for national mega projects
  2. Sustainable Maritime Transportation System and Logistics Industry
    • Ports role in a sustainable maritime transportation system
    • Supply chain sustainability and maritime transport system
    • Eco logistics chain
    • Sustainable development and its impact on civil rights
    • Energy efficiency in maritime industry
    • Mega projects in developing countries
  3. Informatics and Computing Role in Developing and Managing Sustainable Mega Projects
    • Information systems supporting Mega projects
    • Computational logistics
    • Optimization of logistics service for supporting mega projects
  4. Risk and Financial Cost Control
    • Role of industrial and commercial free zone in supporting mega projects
    • Mega projects success factors
    • Insurance and bonding considerations
    • Managing risks in mega projects
    • Risk allocation on design-build and PPP projects
    • Modern methods of funding and insurance for mega projects
  5. Legislation for Mega Projects and the Socio Economic Impact
    • Developing and managing qualified labor in mega projects
    • Developing and sustaining maritime education
    • Mega projects impact on health and safety regulations and developing local societies
    • Vocational training in transportation, logistics and infrastructure sectors
    • Mega projects: legal definition, concepts, strategies and partnerships
    • Challenges for private sector in development of mega projects
    • Green logistics role in sustainability
    • Modern methods of procurement and contracting for mega projects
  6. Sustainable Mega Projects: Case Studies
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